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21300 Erwin Street
Woodland Hills, CA 91367
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  • Caring Cancer Radiation Oncology Center

    People who care, treatment that works

  • State-Of-The-Art Cancer Radiation Treatment Center

    Combining State-Of-The-Art technology with the best physicians

  • Advanced Cancer Oncology Radiation Therapy

    Let our team of experts help you to live a healthy life, CANCER FREE

  • Los Angeles Cancer Radiation Treatment Center

    Fighting cancer precisely

  • Successful Cancer Radiation Treatment

    Offering individualized treatment plans, and the highest quality of care to patients

  • Advanced Radiation Cancer Center

    Advanced technolgies, enhanced patient care

  • Comprehensive Cancer Radiation Therapy of Los Angeles

    Providing specialized patient services such as: Support Groups & Patient Navigator to be with you every step of the way!

About Golden State Cancer Centers

Here at Golden State Cancer Centers we are committed to bringing advanced treatment options and quality care to each and every patient that we see. By combining our breakthrough technologies with our passion and commitment to patient comfort and happiness we guarantee a pleasant treatment experience. With our individualized treatment plans, personable staff, educational support groups, informational seminars, and personal patient navigator we give you the best chance to get back to a happy, healthy life.

Radiation Oncologist Randall Scharlach, M.D. - Radiation Oncologist
Physicist Christopher Westbrook - Physicist
Medical Dosimetrist Denise Nelson - Medical Dosimetrist
Chief Radiation Therapist Daniel Hakimi - Chief Radiation Therapist
Radiation Therapist Kelly Heneise - Radiation Therapist
Radiation Therapist Daniel Coronel - Radiation Therapist
Office Manager Remy Nelson - Office Manager
Medical Assistant Dianne Gutierrez - Medical Assistant
Patient Coordinator< Ryan Nelson - Patient Coordinator
Medical Receptionist Rheanna Nelson - Medical Receptionist
Physician Liaison Jill McCaffrey - Physician Liaison
Cancer Navigator Suzy Delgado - Cancer Navigator

Samira Jeihooni - Regional Director
Blanca Avila - Medical Receptionist
Briana Sugihara - Radiation Therapist
Tiffany Phillips - Physicist
Golden State Cancer Centers Team Golden State Cancer Centers Team